Project 2 - Halo 5 Stats

Halo 5 Stats is a Shiny app that pulls player game data & character build by connecting to Microsoft 343 Industries' Halo 5 API. It uses this data to produce beautiful data-driven visualizations.
Shiny dashboard Halo 5

Shiny App - Halo 5 Stats


The purpose of this project was to learn Shiny, R Studio’s powerful framework for packaging R code into web applications. With Shiny, the possibilities for communicating data are endless, including connecting to API’s or creating dashboards that update in real time. You might embed a machine learning model for producing results on the go, or track metrics that constantly update. I wanted to demonstrate these concepts with an exciting data source.

Technology Learned

I learned R’s Shiny package. I learned fundamentals of Bootstrap and CSS, and how to parse JSON data as well. After sharing the development version with Microsoft’s (343 Industries) Halo API maintainers, I was granted access to a developer’s key to share this app with the worldwide Halo 5 community.

About the App

Search for a player’s name, and this app will connect to Microsoft’s Halo 5 API, import their game data, and create beautiful charts for downloading. To use, try searching for Hairball9000 (or any other player) and toggle options relating to the graphical inputs.

First App - Halo 5 Stats

September 21, 2018
Shiny Halo Microsoft Halo 5 API ggplot2
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